Feb. 06, 2024

HARRISBURG – When Gov. Josh Shapiro delivered his 2024-25 budget address today, the wish list included proposed spending for important programs but failed to acknowledge dramatic overspending that would decimate the state’s savings, according to Rep. Jim Gregory (R-Blair/Huntingdon).

The governor’s proposed budget would undo the important work of House Republicans, who set aside money to avoid tax increases during future economic downturns. Shapiro’s proposal would blow through nearly $16 billion of General Fund surplus and Rainy Day Fund balances.

The governor thinks his fanciful spending spree could be funded, in part, by a new sales tax on marijuana he wants to legalize, Gregory said.

“My promise to a family whose son died of overdose mixing suboxone and Xanax with his marijuana is why I will not support legalizing marijuana,” he said.

Gregory noted the 2023-24 state budget was finalized only a month ago, largely because of Shapiro’s inability to move past rhetoric and do the actual work of governing. The budget is supposed to be in place by July 1 of any fiscal year. Delays affect funding to important programs, particularly those in human service, and tie the hands of school board members trying to plan ahead.

“I’m hopeful we don’t find ourselves in a quagmire similar to the previous year. Passing a budget is our main task every year, and I’m committed to doing my part because the delays do real harm,” Gregory said.

Gregory praised the governor for addressing a cause supremely important to the representative – ensuring the statute of limitations is removed for survivors of sexual abuse seeking a voice through civil lawsuits. Gregory said the added spotlight is necessary to keep momentum behind the cause.

Representative Jim Gregory
80th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tim Craine