Oct. 18, 2022

HARRISBURG – A newly-introduced bill from Rep. Jim Gregory (R-Blair) would require new smartphones and tablets activated in Pennsylvania to have a filter enabled to prevent children from accessing pornography online.

House Bill 2865 would require cellular carriers to switch on filters that are already technologically feasible. Gregory said the filters could be disabled by adults and do not infringe on consumer rights.

“This bill mirrors landmark legislation in Utah. These protections would shield children from the harmful effects pornographic material can have on developing brains by protecting them from inadvertent exposure to pornography or access they attempted themselves,” Gregory said.

House Bill 2865 was referred to the House Consumer Affairs Committee.

“My conversations with educators and law enforcement officials convinced me this is an effort worth pursuing,” Gregory said. “We will end the current legislative session very soon, and I plan to expeditiously reintroduce the measure next session. I’m grateful for the bipartisan support the bill’s cosponsors have provided.”

The legislation, if enacted as law, would affect newly-activated devices within the Commonwealth.

Representative Jim Gregory
80th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Fitch
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