Jun. 07, 2022

HARRISBURG – Rep. Jim Gregory (R-Blair) has sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Department of State reminding its acting secretary of publication requirements to give November’s voters an opportunity to open a two-year window in which survivors of childhood sexual abuse can file lawsuits against perpetrators.

In 2021, the department failed to properly advertise a proposed ballot question. The advertising issue yanked from Primary Election ballots the question that could have given survivors their time period to file lawsuits.

Gregory’s House Bill 14 would place the same question on ballots in the Nov. 8 election.

“The deadline for the completion of this publication is three months prior to the next general election. As this deadline approaches, it is my understanding that this notice has not been completed for 2022,” Gregory wrote in the letter.

Gregory wrote that he wants to have a conversation about the advertisement to ensure it is done correctly.

Representative Jim Gregory
80th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Fitch
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