Apr. 19, 2021

HARRISBURG – A newly introduced bill from Reps. Jim Gregory (R-Blair) and Nick Pisciottano (D-Allegheny) would increase the monthly pension amounts for blind veterans and veterans who are amputees or paralyzed.

If enacted as law, House Bill 1220 would affect Pennsylvania veterans who suffered service-connected injuries or diseases. They are currently eligible for pensions of $150 per month if those injuries or diseases resulted in loss of vision, paralysis or the loss of two or more extremities.

The legislation calls for the pension amount to be increased to $200 per month for the Blind Veterans Pension Program and the Amputee and Paralyzed Veterans Pension Program.

“It’s unconscionable that these veterans’ pensions have not received an increase since 1999,” Gregory said. “These men and women deserve our support. We must do better.”

“Our men and women gave so much in service to our country and to keep each one of us safe, including the loss of their sight and their mobility. Each one of them who suffered life-altering, debilitating injuries is truly deserving of a long-overdue increase to this benefit, which is well within our state’s budgetary means,” Pisciottano said.

Gregory and Pisciottano said they were pleased to partner on the initiative.

“I anticipate more of our colleagues will sign on to support this worthwhile effort to provide this assistance to our disabled veterans,” Pisciottano said.

Gregory introduced similar legislation in the 2019-20 session, and it passed the House on a unanimous vote.

Representative Jim Gregory
80th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Fitch
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