Sep. 15, 2020

HARRISBURG – Rep. Jim Gregory (R-Blair) issued a statement Tuesday on a U.S. District Court ruling that found Gov. Tom Wolf’s business shutdowns unconstitutional as well as the governor’s response to the judge’s findings.

“I usually pride myself on an ability to communicate a message with clarity. Let me be clear here: I cannot accurately describe my outrage at the comments made by this governor today,” Gregory said. “He actually stood before reporters and commented that he hopes we can get to a ‘new normal’ and that the new normal will not be what it was before the pandemic. Comments exactly like this one are what prompted Judge William Stickman IV to rule the way he did. There is no ‘new normal’ with the state Constitution.”

Gregory continued, “What this judge’s decision did was deliver a message that the rights of Pennsylvanians have been trampled and, for some, trampled in a way that they will never recover from. Voters of the 80th District and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, regardless of politics, should be equally outraged that the governor should be so incredibly cavalier about the founding document of Pennsylvania.”

Representative Jim Gregory
80th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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