May. 26, 2020

HARRISBURG – The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a five-month temporary budget to allow more details about tax revenue to emerge following the peak of the COVID-19 crisis.

The temporary budget would fund education for kindergarten to 12th grade at the same level as 2019-20, and also fully fund colleges and universities. The education funding extends a full year rather than the five months.

Rep. Jim Gregory (R-Blair) called the measure a commonsense step because COVID-19’s effects on the tax base are not yet known.

“We need a clearer picture about the money coming in before we can do long-term budget planning. When it comes time to negotiate the seven-month balance of the 2020-21 budget, I will strongly oppose any tax increase to cover the anticipated shortfall, as I know families have been out of work and struggling to meet even their most basic needs,” he said.

Gregory called for quick action on the budget measure in the Senate.

Representative Jim Gregory
80th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives