Nov. 22, 2019

HARRISBURG — Rep. Jim Gregory (R-Blair) has introduced a bill to increase the monthly pension amounts for blind veterans and veterans who are amputees or paralyzed.

Currently, Pennsylvania veterans who suffered service-connected injuries or diseases are eligible for pensions of $150 per month if those injuries or diseases resulted in loss of vision, paralysis or the loss of two or more extremities.

Gregory’s House Bill 2082 would increase the pension amount to $200 per month for the Blind Veterans Pension Program and the Amputee and Paralyzed Veterans Pension Program.

“Pennsylvania veterans who have experienced these injuries or diseases related to their service deserve support from the Commonwealth. The two veterans’ pension programs have not received an increase since 1999, and these veterans are long overdue for an increase to recognize their sacrifices,” Gregory said.

John Gority, of Duncansville, was a private first class in the Army’s 22nd Infantry Regiment when he stepped on a land mine in Vietnam’s Iron Triangle. He has been paralyzed ever since.

“There are a lot of veterans out there who don’t get the same type of benefits I do, and they would really benefit from this increase,” Gority said.

House Bill 2082 has more than 20 co-sponsors.

Representative Jim Gregory
80th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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